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A Khmer Clothing Brand

Where Traditional Textiles Meets Modern Wear

Sua Sdei! We are Rajana Threads! We're excited to show you how beautiful and eclectic Khmer fabric can be in modern styles!

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Who We Are
Rajana Threads is a Khmer fashion brand. Based in San Francisco, Rajana Threads aims to promote traditional handwoven Khmer fabric and also help local artisans in Cambodia by employing them to handcraft our products. Through our partnerships, we’re actively engaging in ethical practices in sourcing and production.

Handmade in Cambodia, each piece has a story and is guaranteed a conversation starter. Rajana Threads hopes to bring you a true taste of Cambodian modern wear that is stylish and fashion forward!

Our mission is simple: showcase the eclectic beauty of traditional Khmer fabric through contemporary fashion while supporting a collaborative of women artisans in Cambodia.

Why the name?
Rajana encompasses themes of creativity, artistry, style, and design. We chose Rajana to describe our passion for the designs and fabric choices.

Our Vision
Rajana Threads was created to provide women with simple, yet wearable everyday designs. And in the process, create awareness around Khmer fabric - a historically important component of Khmer culture. For the future, we are hoping to open the first Khmer owned boutique carrying ethically sourced custom designed pieces.


Where do you ship from?
San Francisco, CA
What are your shipment options?
Standard shipping, tracking included.
Do you ship internationally?
Not at this time!
Is local pick up available?
Yes, please contact us to put in your order.
What are your payment options?
Cash, PayPal, Square, and Zelle. Contact us for other payment options.
Where do you source your fabrics?
Do you take requests for custom orders?
Not at this time - we hope to in the future!
Can I return/exchange?
No - due to our limited stock and unique quality of each piece, all sales are final!

If you're unsure about sizing or want to see more pictures of specific items, please do contact us!


Check out our lookbook from our first collection! We show you the variety of ways you can style our unique pieces and hope it inspires you to play around with our designs!


We are all about simplicity, wearability, clean lines and modern designs to showcase Khmer fabric. It's a mix of fierce and feminine that will have you feeling like a #boss! In addition, where and what we source for our pieces is very important to us!

We hope you love our designs!

Seung Khmer
Seung Khmer is underrated! It's a cotton woven fabric that is not only beautiful, but its durability allows you to wear and wash without losing its shape and texture. It comes in a variety of colors and unique patterns. We love its feel and robustness.

The Khmer krama is known for its gingham pattern and numerous color combinations. It is uniquely Khmer and has exceptional versatility. The krama can be used and worn in many different ways.

Don't we all love the colorful, floral designs of the sarong?! With its diverse use and patterns, some of our designs - such as tote bags, accessories, and other items - are made using this fabric.

Cotton Ikat
Cotton ikat is unique in that it is a naturally dyed, handwoven fabric utilizing Khmer ikat patterns! They're great for softer, looser styles, but is still very versatile. We love its natural nature!

Our Team

Born in the Khao I Dang Refugee camp in Thailand, Ratha got her burning desire to learn about all things Cambodian (or Khmer) from her mother who, among many things, loved to sew as a hobby. At 11, her mother gave her the opportunity to design her very first Khmer outfit for Cambodian New Year. That meant choosing a fabric and sketching out her own design. Beyond excited, she recalls choosing a purple (her favorite color) pahmoong and providing her sketch to the seamstress and the rest was history.

As she learned more about the different fabrics from her mother coupled with her own research about the uniqueness of Khmer fabric, her love and passion grew. She knew she wanted to wear and represent her culture at different events. It was then she realized the need to create simple modern Khmer wear using traditional fabric to promote and showcase its diversity. Her trips to Cambodia meant arming herself with sketches and fabric shopping.

Social Media/Communications Manager
Krystal is a writer and artist based in San Francisco - skills she picked up as a child. As a teenager, she often volunteered with Ratha and her sisters at various cultural events across the Bay Area. This helped foster her love and interest in her Khmer culture, which she tends to incorporate into her work.

Krystal lends her website and design skills to manage Rajana Threads' online presence.

You can learn more at: monyda.com

Cambodian Women's Support Group

Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodian Women's Support Group (CWSG) is a sewing enterprise skilled in creating unique and colorful clothes, toys, and home decor. The women come from vulnerable backgrounds and by being apart of CWSG, it affords them a space to grow their skills and earn a steady income.


Soursdey is a women-run sewing enterprise based in Siem Reap. They specialize in high quality textile products that empowers weaving communities and local artisans. They're all for promoting Khmer handicrafts and modern designs.

Color Silk

Color Silk is a social business focused on silkworm cultivation with weaving centers in Takeo. Their work is a testament to the preservation of sericulture, ancient weaving techniques, cotton harvesting, and natural dyeing methods. Their innovation and cotton ikat design have garnered worldwide recognition and awards.


Please reach out to us for any questions or concerns!